A new dawn for energy sector recruitment

Published by: Joe Baker

Published on: May 20, 2020

Stuff is a specialist in providing brand development to the recruitment world and over the years has helped many people based companies evolve and transform their brand. Last year this included rebranding TIMESTWO, the specialist investment company that finds and brings recruitment companies to market, led by respected recruitment entrepreneurs Mike Beesley and Keith Dawe who founded Sanderson more than 40 years ago.

Following the success of this rebrand, TIMESTWO Investments then appointed Stuff to be their brand and marketing partner, charged with bringing their new fledging start-up and scale-up recruitment businesses to life.

One of the most high profile of these is Surya – a specialist energy sector recruitment company that required a completely new brand identity and associated launch collateral.  Working with TIMESTWO Investments and also Surya’s founder, Alka Graham, we quickly understood that this was to be a new, progressive energy recruitment specialist, committed to challenging the status quo and finding new ways of solving resourcing problems. Surya as a name was also being discussed but had not yet been fully defined. Our primary task was to very quickly bring sense to how this was all going to come together as a cohesive brand and prepare for a fast launch in a challenging market. The name Surya is actually the Sanskrit word for sun and we were able to use this to form the basis for our brand development work. The logo was created with the ‘A’ being replaced with the / symbol, a direct reference to the Surya Namaste, also known as the ‘salute to the sun’. The overall palette is full of bright, energetic colours, which is used as a colour wash over contemporary photography and combined with bold typography to complete a look that says new dawn.

Launching in the middle of an economic shut down would provide challenges to any marketing team but, for a brand such as Surya that focuses on a new dawn, there is probably no more opportune time to launch as the world comes out of this pandemic.

You can take a look at Surya’s new website here: suryarecruitment.com

SURYA. Resourcing a changing world

Showcase image for Stuff SURYA project
Showcase image for Stuff SURYA project
Showcase image for Stuff SURYA project
Showcase image for Stuff SURYA project
Showcase image for Stuff SURYA project

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