Creative Stuff#055

Published by: Georgie Buckle

Published on: April 5, 2024

Our weekly roundup of creative news and insights along with a peek at what we’ve been up to.

Industry News


The children’s charity has revealed a refreshed identity designed with young people, along with a new spot illuminating the “silent struggles” that children and their families are facing.

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SomeOne designs an identity for Canada Water Dockside that encourages self discovery.

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Koto’s refreshed identity and ecommerce site for the food marketplace take inspiration from Italian cuisine and sunny climes.

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Studio News

This weeks focus is on growth and self development! Lately Georgie has been diving into the fascinating world of After Effects! She is always eager to learn and grow, constantly adding to her professional toolkit. She’s using this nifty software to craft captivating animations for our wonderful clients. Watch this space!


Pearl Jam have released their punky new single ‘Running’ from their upcoming album ‘Dark Matter’. The electrifying track features a deep bass line, a catchy guitar riff and a throbbing drum beat. Midway through the song it is infused with a heavy guitar solo while frontman Eddie Vedder sings: “Living in the shadows, crossing my fingers / A date with the gallows and a reprieve not looking likely”

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Written by Bristol born Claire Douglas, this book called ‘the woman who lied’ is full of twists and turns. When she starts writing her tenth Detective Miranda Moody novel, Emilia’s life takes a frightening turn: an incident straight out of one of her novels occurs in real life. Just an unsettling coincidence, she thinks. Until it happens again.

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