Published by: Joe Baker

Published on: November 14, 2019

Following on from the success of last year’s graffiti mural, we wanted to go bigger and better for 2019. With Visit Bristol securing an amazing location on the front of the Colston Hall, we set to work thinking how to make the most of it.

With the large windows creating natural panels, we decided to use 8 different artists to produce 8 different murals. As well as last year’s artists, Cheo and Silent Hobo, we also brought in Kid Crayon, Marta Zubieta, Elaine Carr, Andy Council, Tim Ulewicz and Lucas Antics to help us achieve our vision.
Based on the campaign hashtag #MERRYBRISTMAS, we came up with a different scene for each artist, each one depicting the different attractions and festive offerings of Bristol. We then tied these together with 8 different adjectives, the initial letter of each spelling out the word BRISTMAS:

Buzzing bars and restaurants
Remarkable places to stay
Inspiring museums
Sensational shopping
Thrilling live entertainment
Magical markets
Amazing attractions
Spectacular celebrations

The end result is a wonderfully colourful and creative piece of work, celebrating all that is great about Bristol at Christmas, viewed through the eyes of some of the city’s leading graffiti artists.

Showcase image for Stuff Visit Bristol project
Showcase image for Stuff Visit Bristol project
Showcase image for Stuff Visit Bristol project
Feature image for Stuff's #MerryBristmas post

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