New Roots, New Routes


  • Campaign planning
  • Concept development
  • Brand development
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Artwork
  • Print production

As part of Bristol City Council’s aim at encouraging the use of sustainable transport they wanted to target residents moving into new developments across the city. As well as explaining how walking, cycling or catching a bus could save them time and money, we wanted to promote how this was better for their fitness and the environment.

Free taster tickets and other promotions were offered to give people the chance to try out alternative ways of getting around. We created an illustrated booklet to highlight the various travel options, which was handed out by the Travelwest team as part of a welcome pack. We decided to use illustrations to bring the various offers to life and to make the guide more accessible and inclusive.

This pocket-sized guide was designed so people could keep it with them while they were still getting to grips with their new environment. As well as bite-sized information about local bus services, car clubs, bike hire and cycle routes, each guide featured a bespoke map with travel times to the city centre from their particular development.

To spread the message further, we also produced a series of short, animated videos to help explain each offer in more detail. These animations could then be embedded online, shared on social media and promoted via a network of businesses and stakeholders across the West of England.

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New Roots, New Routes

Bristol City Council wanted to encourage people moving into the area to use sustainable travel to get around the city. We produced a handy guide for residents moving into new developments, explaining the various options available along with various offers and promotions. We then created a series of animated videos to explain each offer.


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