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Bramleys Wholesale

Getting fruity with the brand

Bramleys Wholesale is a family run business, supplying high quality produce and ingredients to the retail and catering trade across Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire. The company has grown significantly over the past 10 years and needed to update their brand to reflect this expansion.

Their existing brand was well-known throughout the industry, helped somewhat by their ‘Apple Man’ mascot. This emblem was clearly loved by the family and customers alike, so it was imperative that this remained in some way, shape or form.

We enjoy a challenge, so we set about creating a new version of ‘Apple Man’ that would help take the business forward on the next stage of their journey. But we didn’t stop there! It became clear that there was an opportunity to take this core idea (pun absolutely intended!) and use it to reflect the friendly nature of a family run business.

It was this idea that led to the development of the Bramleys Family, a whole collection of fruit and veg characters that they could use to demonstrate the breadth of their offering and the down to earth values that remain central to the business.

One of the most visible areas of the business to benefit from the new brand was their fleet of delivery vans. We gathered the Bramleys Family together alongside some playful slogans to create a bright and eye-catching design that gave their fleet a fresh new look.

We also revamped the website to be a clean and organised catalogue site, enabling their customers to clearly see what produce is in stock, including additional elements such as a seasonal calendar to provide inspiration and help reduce food miles.


  • Brand development
  • Design & Artworking
  • Website design

Bramleys Wholesale

Getting fruity with the brand

Starting out as a family greengrocers 30 years ago, Bramleys has developed into a wholesaler delivering high quality produce and ingredients to the retail and catering trade. When they approached us to help them refresh their brand, they only had one stipulation – to retain their much loved ‘Apple Man’ mascot!

Bramleys Wholesale logos old and new
Bramleys Wholesale Website design
Bramleys Wholesale - apple man characters
Bramleys Wholesale brand character illustrations
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